Сore values and our advantage

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Complex Approach

We are positive that the end goal of increasing your value can be achieved only through diligent managing all possible aspects of your portfolio, such as assets, property, real estate, businesses and everything else… That makes our investment company one of the few on the market, who recognize the need to go full-cycle!ting.

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Safe Bets

When it comes to a dangerous and risky business of investing, we take an approach that is data-scientific and risks-proof. The precision with which our team of experts manages to arrive at the best advice for managing your assets and money is worldwiade known and is proven by the portfolio of our impressive clients!

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Adaptable Projections

With all the volatility that a modern business faces and with all the pressure that just keeps on hitting, sticking to a short-term financial projection for too long is too dangerous… Once again, taking a scientific-like approach to data analysis, we are able to predict when the time comes to change either the tactics or the strategies of your mind game.


Michael Ngai


Mr Ngai has extensive international corporate finance, merger & acquisition and capital markets.
He is the Chairman of The Red Group. Previously served as a Managing Director in UBS

Amin Shafie


Mr. Shafie is a Partner in Intres Capital Partners. He was also a founding partner of QuestMark Capital Management a venture capital management firm based in Kuala Lumpur with

Alan Fung


Mr. Fung is an all-round financial expert with investment banking and corporate management background with rich experiences in corporate finance, corporate financial

Daniel Lui

Executive Director

Mr. Lui has many years of experience in fund management, enterprise financial consulting andproviding services for fund raising, public listing, acquisition and merger


Investment Director

Mr. Ma has many years of business and intangible asset valuations, financing, corporate restructuring, and other corporate development experience.

Damien Leong


Mr. Leong is a seasoned entrepreneur in Malaysia and an investment consultant in Questmark Capital Management Sdn Bhd.